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Hannah Montana: The Movie

May 18, 2009

Sparky little pop princess, Hannah Montana, is the alter ego of sparky little school kid, Miley Stewart, who – in turn – is the alter ego of real life sparky little teen sensation Miley Cyrus. I imagine there must be some people in the world who don’t know this. I didn’t.

In her Disney TV show, Miley Stewart is a relatively normal kid who has to keep her Hannah Montana identity a secret, so that she can, oh I don’t know, get up to all manner of capering about, presumably.

Anyway. The movie assumes you know the set up and dives straight in with crowds clamouring to get in to a Hannah Montana gig. One of the clamourers is Miley herself, who can’t give away that she’s HM, so must break in to her own concert. Trust me. It sort of makes sense. Now, once she’s in, she has to meet up with her Dad (dependable widower, Robby Ray, played by Miley Cyrus’s real dad, the achy and indeed breaky Billy Ray). Robby Ray is quietly concerned that his daughter is becoming a little too California and endeavours to drag her back to her good ol’ Tennessean roots.

And that’s all the plot that’s fit to print, in essence. There’s a British tabloid newspaper story hidden in the background, but that just pootles along in the quieter moments, moving a few minor characters around for a vaguely redemptive coda. The main point really is for Miley to realise where her priorities should lie, and a few straightforward platitudes about family. That, and a lot of singing and goofing about getting covered in hay and water and chickens.

Miley Cyrus is such a phenomenon, of course, that she doesn’t really need anyone to sell her movie for her; the theatre was packed to the gunwales with pre-teens all in awe of her exuberant and simple comedy, and it really could have been any old crap they shovelled out. But, although sometimes this taking the kids to the movies malarkey can be a bit of a grin-and-bear-it chore (yes, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, I’m talking to you) it has to be said not in this instance. Miley’s very accomplished at what she does. She’s klutzy and funny and, despite the obvious over-rationing of confidence, full of charm and warmth.

The movie plays out like those old Jodie Foster Disney comedies of old, with no-one going home unhappy or unenlightened, and there really are no surprises here at all. Apart from a Father/Daughter moment, which did sort of sneak up on me. And the cinema must’ve been quite dusty, because I think at that point I got something in my eye.

Hey, at least I had an excuse, and two happy little star-struck poppets to drag me along. Brownie points and a few unexpected chuckles and sniffles; parenthood doesn’t get much better than that, I’m glad to say.

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